Overall results of the test are more representative of a patients swallowing function, because the issue of fatigue, disorientation and testing delays, related to transportation to a hospital are eliminated.

Performed inside the mobile clinic that is parked outside the facility, not portable equipment that is transferred into a facility, Patient is brought outside to the clinic in their wheelchair and with the assistance of an electric wheelchair lift, similar to those used in public transportation settings; they are allowed easy access to the clinic.

Mobile video fluoroscopy clinic used for the MBSS allows for assessment of swallowing disorders in a private, controlled, efficient environment that eliminates disorientation, fatigue, and/or agitation often involved with medical transportation and/or clinical appointments.

Additional time saving benefit is the complete evaluation time. Total time to complete an evaluation on the mobile clinic, from arriving at the facility to leaving the facility averages 30-45 minutes, whereas the hospital may take a total of 3 hours including transportation, admission, waiting, and the procedure itself.

Immediate typewritten results and DVD of x-ray provided to the facilty at completion of testing.